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Career Benefits

Our programmes have been cited as being greatly instrumental to our students’ career development. Many graduates have advanced to more senior positions in clinical, research, academic and administrative fields upon completion of our programmes. Some changed  to a research career in universities or other academic institutions and some moved on to doctoral studies.

Who Should Apply

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The programmes are specially designed for

  • Those who need to conduct applied clinical and health research such as surveys, clinical trials, observational studies, and systematic reviews in order to address practical issues in health care;

  • Those who wish to read for a PhD in relevant fields in clincial medicine and public health;

  • Those who need to interpret and apply research findings for practicing evidence-based medicine or making evidence-based decisions;

  • Those who seek biostatistical proficiency for application to lab-based biomedical research or epidemiological research.


The majority of students of our part-time programmes are clinicians (including traditional Chinese medicine), public health professionals, researchers, physiotherapists, nurses, allied health workers, health managers, laboratory technicians, and professionals from the pharmaceutical field.

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